Visual Style


Imagery is found in Wikimedia projects as standalone contributions as well as powerful supplementary content to engage and communicate.

Imagery selection guidelines

As the saying goes, an image can tell a thousand words. We use images to help increase understanding and engagement with a subject. When using imagery in our projects, the selections follow the general guidelines:

  • Contextually relevant. Images relate directly to the article subject.
  • Neutral point of view. For example, when showing an image of a shark, use a side profile photograph of a shark rather than an action shot of a shark preying on another animal.
  • Representation in the most accurate medium. Use a photograph of Rosalind Franklin in her biographic profile rather than artistic drawing. In an article about Donald Duck, use a cartoon still of Donald Duck instead of a photograph of a duck.
  • Good resolution quality.
  • Respects copyright. We always correctly attribute images, using Creative Commons, Fair use, or Public Domain images stored on Wikimedia Commons, as well as a multitude of other sources so long as they comply correctly with licensing.